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Altopack and Halodi Robotics partner to develop packaging robot
Italian packaging company Altopack has teamed up with Halodi Robotics to co-develop a robot which can refill consumables such as plastic and carboard for packaging machines.
www.foodbev.comApr 08, 2021157+
Altopack and Halodi Robotics partner to develop packaging robot
Nestlé Professional to add anti-viral screen protection to coffee machines
Nestlé Professional has announced that it will deploy self-disinfecting anti-viral and anti-bacterial screen protectors on its out of home coffee machines.
www.foodbev.comMar 30, 2021126+
Nestlé Professional to add anti-viral screen protection to coffee machines
China big oil seller Sinopec enters the snail fan, but the big guy actually looks at the small business?
After selling coffee and vegetables, the big oil seller Sinopec started selling snail noodles again! What does Sinopec's snail powder taste like? Does it smell of gasoline?
Jan 22, 202193+
China big oil seller Sinopec enters the snail fan, but the big guy actually looks at the small business?
Yili confirms that the price of white milk products will rise slightly
In response to Haitong Securities' research that Yili and Mengniu's basic white milk products will increase by 3%-5% after New Year's Day. Yili's investor relations department replied that the price of little white milk products represented by Tetra Pak will increase. The slight adjustment was mainly due to the increase in domestic fresh milk prices.
Jan 07, 202152+
Yili confirms that the price of white milk products will rise slightly
Nutrisystem, a health and weight management food manufacturer, has launched 25 new products
PR News WireJan 05, 202162+
The first artificial meat
Recently, the T/CIFST 001-2020 Plant-based Meat Products group standard, led by the Chinese Society for Food Science and Technology, was released after being unanimously approved by the expert review committee, filling the industry gap in plant-based meat product standards.
Jan 04, 2021145+
The first artificial meat
Top research and discovery stories of 2020
With the industry's technology capabilities becoming more impressive every day, 2020 saw its fair share of innovative discoveries. 04, 202198+
Top research and discovery stories of 2020
Kellogg's transformed Little Debbie's classic oatmeal butter cookies with grains. Can it become a new classic?
Kellogg's collaborated with the Little Debbie brand to transform its number one-selling classic Oatmeal Creme Pies into Oatmeal Creme Pies Cereal with the same flavor. It is said that the new product is made of cinnamon, nutmeg and molasses, with a sweet cream coating on the outside.
Dec 30, 2020118+
Kellogg's transformed Little Debbie's classic oatmeal butter cookies with grains. Can it become a new classic?
Adapting to the COVID world, what new actions has Danone made to promote global growth?
The new crown pneumonia epidemic (COVID-19) has affected the growth of global consumption, and the food and beverage industry as the basic consumption is no exception. As the epidemic spreads and spreads across the world, self-immunity is an important line of defense against COVID-19, and the growing demand for health has also brought huge challenges to the food industry.
Dec 24, 202087+
Adapting to the COVID world, what new actions has Danone made to promote global growth?
How does the launch of new products interact with consumers? Pepsi, McDonald's do this
After the epidemic, it seems more difficult for the FMCG industry to do it. Various joint names have made consumers feel tired, how can the launch of new products impress consumers? The marketing methods of new products launched by PepsiCo may be useful for reference.
Dec 23, 2020185+
How does the launch of new products interact with consumers? Pepsi, McDonald's do this
Five major categories of hair growth materials & 30 plus products, will the market for 100 billion oral anti-dropping agents be a new trend?
According to the latest data released by the National Health Commission, more than 250 million people in China are suffering from hair loss including 163 million men and 88 million women, 1 in 6 people have hair loss. In particular, 63.1% are under the age of 35, and a large number of young people born in the 90s are also suffering from hair loss.
Dec 22, 2020129+
Five major categories of hair growth materials & 30 plus products, will the market for 100 billion oral anti-dropping agents be a new trend?
Top Ten Nutrition Trends in 2021 | More applications of vitamin D, return of basic nutrition, health relief, customized fitness nutrition...
Organic food retailer Natural Grocers announced the fifth annual Top Ten Nutrition Trends forecast. The forecast is a comprehensive report on healthy nutrition and food trends in 2021.The forecast team is composed of registered dietitians, culinary experts, and data analysts. Based on consumer buying preferences, the latest nutrition research and consumer surveys during COVID-19.
Dec 18, 202091+
Top Ten Nutrition Trends in 2021 | More applications of vitamin D, return of basic nutrition, health relief, customized fitness nutrition...
Can collagen + high-grade water make it out of the circle?
Only hazelnuts and gingerbread for Christmas? Let these Christmas products update your Christmas
Christmas is coming soon, and major brands have launched their own winter products. Luckin, Starbucks, Pi Ye and Tim Hortons' winter top brands must be hazelnut-flavored latte with gingerbread man. Today, when consumer tastes are changing faster and faster, Christmas can have more flavors.
Dec 15, 2020114+
Only hazelnuts and gingerbread for Christmas? Let these Christmas products update your Christmas
Red will become a popular color in 2021, and the food and beverage industry will have a red whirlwind
Following the orange yellow in 2019 and the water blue (green) in 2020, food coloring supplier GNT recently released a 2021 ‘popular color series’ forecast, pointing out that red will change the food and beverage industry in 2021. Because it has the ability to trigger strong emotions.
Dec 09, 2020173+
Red will become a popular color in 2021, and the food and beverage industry will have a red whirlwind
Nestlé to invest 3.58bn dollars to achieve net zero target
Nestlé has announced that it plans to invest CHF 3.2 billion (3.58 billion dollars) over the next five years, in order to halve its carbon emissions by 2030 and achieve net zero by 2050.
www.foodbev.comDec 04, 202063+
Nestlé to invest 3.58bn dollars to achieve net zero target
Tate&Lyle's wholly-owned acquisition of stevia producer SGF,the stevia industry is highly optimistic
On December 1,local time,Tate & Lyle announced the wholly-owned acquisition of Sweet Green Fields (SGF),a global stevia solutions business company,to simplify the current situation between the two companies by establishing a fully integrated supply chain and business organization.
FTADec 03, 202066+
Tate&Lyle's wholly-owned acquisition of stevia producer SGF,the stevia industry is highly optimistic
"Storytelling and sustainability claims move dairy category forward," says Innova Market Insights
Dairy is one of the most interesting and innovative food categories today,according to Lu Ann Williams,Director of Innovation at Innova Market Insights.During a webinar presented yesterday,Williams addressed the market researchers Top Ten Trends for 2020 and how they fuse together within the dairy category.
Mar 13, 2020804+
Turning point for chocolate? Theo pegs fairtrade and ethical sourcing as "fundamental principles"
US-based chocolatier Theo Chocolate is highlighting a turning point for the chocolate industry. Following its recently published 2019 Impact Report, the company pegs fairtrade and ethical sourcing as key principles of its ethos. Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst, Monique Heineman, Brand Manager, explains how the conventional chocolate industry is not as sweet as the products it produces, - however, Theo wants consumers to be aware of issues and challenges and is deliberately transparent in its storytelling on how to reach a fair and sustainable cocoa supply chain. Fairly trading commodity raw ingredients - both near and far - is a fundamental principle of why we're in business. There are inequalities throughout the cocoa supply chain - pricing, labor and environmental - and paying living incomes is one very important component to the change we seek to make in the industry, Heineman explains. Presently, the majority of cocoa from Theo is sourced from the Democratic Republic o...
Mar 13, 2020870+
Bartek Ingredients plans malic and fumaric acid capacity expansion
Bartek Ingredients Inc., specialized in malic acid, food-grade fumaric acid and maleic anhydride for food and beverage applications, is planning a 10,000 metric tons (MT) capacity expansion, to be completed in the first quarter of 2021. This expansion closely follows the previous 4,000 MT malic acid expansion completed last year, as well as the installation of a new 22,500 MT maleic anhydride reactor, which will also be operational by Q1 2021. Canada-headquartered Bartek's expansion of its capacity and capabilities is part of the company's strategy of investing ahead of growth in the malic and fumaric acid food-grade markets. With these expansions, Bartek will have in excess of 30,000 MT of malic acid capacity, sufficient to supply the North American market and meet anticipated global growth. Bartek remains the largest global producer of food-grade malic and fumaric acids and the only vertically integrated North American producer. Supporting these expansion plans are multiple ...
Mar 12, 20201983+
Foods for Tomorrow introduces meat alternative Heura to French supermarket chain Franprix
Foods for Tomorrow is accelerating toward international expansion by launching its plant-based meat alternative Heura in France with supermarket chain Franprix. This agreement allows the Barcelona-based company to offer plant-based alternatives to as many people as possible without sacrificing a culinary and nutritious experience. With this latest expansion, the start-up's products are available in seven markets globally: France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Holland, Portugal, Andorra and Spain. Seventy-nine percent of French citizens do not follow a specific diet but 35 percent of them already admit to having reduced their consumption of meat in recent years, says Bernat Ananos, Co-Founder of Foods for Tomorrow. Heura offers a nutritious and tasty alternative for people seeking to reduce their meat consumption and adopt a more plant-based diet, without giving up on flavor and taste, he explains. Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst, A a os highlights that the arrival responds to a ...
Mar 03, 20201568+
"Translating authenticity of meat": Duas Rodas unveils aromas portfolio for plant-based foods
Manufacturer of flavors and ingredients Duas Rodas has unveiled its Plant Based Solutions technological platform. The new portfolio of aromas and technological solutions gives the flavor, juiciness and texture of meat to vegetable proteins, offering the best sensorial experiences for consumers of plant-based foods, according to the company. The launch comes amid a growing interest in plant-based products as the number of consumers adopting vegan and vegetarian diets increases. Flexitarians consumers, who are looking for the occasional substitution of meat for plant-based products, as they consider them natural and nutritious, are also driving NPD in this sector. Giving meat flavor to plant-based food While searching for health and well-being in food, consumers are not willing to give up the odor, taste and texture attributes of traditional foods, notes Duas Rodas. This has been a great technical and sensorial challenge for the food companies, considering the characteristics o...
Mar 03, 20201669+
Plant protein demand sparks 1,800% growth in freeze-dried ingredients, says European Freeze Dry
European Freeze Dry, which provides freeze-dried ingredients to the F B sector, has cited changing consumer demands as the reason for a significant rise in plant-based protein ingredients, with sales of ingredients such as brown lentils and red kidney beans driving the increase. As environmental pressures on sustainability to add value for the consumer accumulate, the company??s products also come with traceability declarations, providing clarity on whether food is sustainably sourced. During the first six weeks of 2020, European Freeze Dry increased sales of its freeze-dried vegetables and pulses over the same time period in 2019 by an increase of 1,783 percent. Sales of vegetables and pulses in the first six weeks of 2020 have already outsold the first nine months of 2019 for European Freeze Dry, the company reveals. Consumer demands are changing significantly and quickly. Food producers are adapting to that new market with quality alternative products, such as plant proteins...
Mar 02, 2020450+
FrieslandCampina 2019 results: Higher profit and growth for branded products in a tough market
FrieslandCampina has reported a slight decline in revenue, attributed to a 3.4 percent dip in milk supply, in a newly released 2019 financial overview. In the home markets (The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium), the company notes growth and profitability were under pressure. However, the Dutch multinational cooperative has reported a rise in profit by 36.9 percent to ?278 million (US$304 million), mainly as a result of one-off gains and improved operating profits in Consumer Dairy and Dairy Essentials. The transformation we initiated in 2018 has enabled us to enhance our market-oriented way of working and make more effective use of available resources. We have realized more value from basic dairy and we grew our total branded sales by 3.1 percent. Consumer Dairy increased branded sales by a strong 5.4 percent, details Hein Schumacher, CEO of FrieslandCampina. As a result, leaving the one-off proceeds from the sale of businesses aside, operating profit improved by 7 percent. T...
Feb 28, 2020708+
Coffee alliance: Nestle unveils Starbucks premium instant range
The coffee collaboration between Starbucks and Nestle is picking up pace with the launch of Starbucks?? premium instant coffee. The new range includes Medium Roast and Dark Roast coffees, as well as a variety of coffee beverages and a tea latte. The partnership, which began in May 2018 when Nestl?? paid US$7.15 billion for rights to sell Starbucks packaged coffees teas around the world, is proving fruitful and the new line is expected to boost growth further. The tie-up allows the companies to move at speed and expand the Starbucks brand into the instant coffee segment, which is growing fast globally. Available in multi-serve tins and single-serve formats, the products are touted as combining the expertise and heritage of Nestl?? in the instant coffee segment with the signature premium taste of Starbucks. From this month, Nestl?? will introduce the new range of Starbucks premium instant coffee globally in markets including the UK, Ireland, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Australia,...
Feb 27, 2020433+
Root'd's new drink mixes to address US vitamin industry's "whack-a-mole" regulation
Root'd has launched a multivitamin premix for beverages tailored to the specific health needs of men, women and expecting mothers arriving in pomegranate, a a?? and lemon ginger flavors, respectively. The start-up aims to become the most transparent vitamin brand in the market and its products are positioned as responding to an unregulated US vitamin industry that operates reactively instead of preemptively. Because the US vitamin market is regulated on the backend - meaning products are subject to scrutiny after hitting the market - there has unfortunately been a recent influx of cheap, misleading and many times mislabeled products entering the market through easier-to-access online channels. This has allowed for a 'whack-a-mole' type of scenario in many online channels where many players can list products freely and have been free to operate before being found by regulators, Adams Chimera, Founder of Root'd, tells NutritionInsight. Root??d multivitamin premixes addr...
Feb 27, 20201920+
Lactobacillus genus to be reclassified as industry flags potential for consumer confusion
This year will see a taxonomic reclassification of the Lactobacillus genus take place, which will mean numerous commercial species currently sold as belonging to the Lactobacillus genus will receive a new name. BioGaia??s Lactobacillus reuteri will be one of the affected species, with the company stressing that the organism itself will remain unchanged in terms of effects and safety. Other species affected include Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus sakei, Lactobacillus salivarius, Lactobacillus reuteri and Lactobacillus brevis. We have ongoing discussions to prepare for the shift. However, at this stage we are waiting for the publication and we closely monitor any activities in this area in the meantime, Titti Martinsson Niskanen, Director R D and Clinical Operations of Probi, tells NutritionInsight. The company currently offers a range of products featuring various forms of Lactobacillus. Species including Lactobacillus delbruec...
Feb 27, 20201286+
AgFunder reports 250% five-year growth in agri-food tech investments
The agri-food tech space has heated up significantly over the last year, raking in 250 percent in funding growth over the last five years. This is among the highlights presented by the 2019 Agri-FoodTech Investing Report, issued by Silicon Valley venture capital platform AgFunder. The report flags a series of ups and downs for the sector in 2019, with funding levels dropping slightly from 2018, albeit with various bright spots. Meanwhile, the firm highlights that European tech funding nearly doubled last year, as Latin America emerged with breakout success. Last year, start-ups within this sector raised US$19.8 billion in venture funding across 1,858 deals, according to the report. Following on from a record-breaking 2018, this represents a 4.8 percent decline year-over-year (YoY) in US dollar terms and 15 percent by number of deals. Last year, agri-food tech start-ups raised US$19.8 billion in venture funding across 1,858 deals. Regardless, AgFunder notes there we...
Feb 27, 20201922+
Prevention better than cure: Evolva exec pegs resveratrol synergies as "the next-big-thing"
Baby boomers are becoming more proactive and are seeking out ingredients that can improve health before any issues arise. That is according to David Tetzlaf, Director of Marketing at Evolva, who cites that consumers of all generations and life stages are interested in ??food as medicine'. Speaking to NutritionInsight , Tetzlaf details that synergies between calcium, vitamin D and resveratrol could potentially become the next big-thing, particularly substantiated by the results of clinical studies. Moreover, women's health, bone health and beauty-from-within categories are continuing to explode in many parts of Asia, the US and Europe. Ingredient combination for synergistic health benefits While it is widely known that calcium and vitamin D are essential for bone health, Marcia da Silva Pinto, Technical Sales Customer Support Manager at Evolva, points to resveratrol positively impacting bone health. This reduces the risk of fracture and positively impacts bone formatio...
Feb 27, 2020324+
Sustainable protein: Danish Food Innovation invests in microalgae research
A Danish project has received a DKK 750,000 (US$108,600) grant to investigate the opportunities of using microalgae as a sustainable protein source. Danish Food Innovation - part of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science's innovation program - has provided the funding, which could see microalgae popping up as an ingredient in plant-based burgers, for example. A pressing need for sustainable proteins According to the Danish National Bioeconomy Panel, there is not only a pressing need for more protein sources ?C but also raw materials that are sustainably produced. The National Bioeconomy Panel has published 15 recommendations on future proteins. This includes a need for more research and education projects to boost the availability of protein sources. The ??Microalgae for food products?? project addresses this need, not to mention the increasing consumer demand for plant-based foods, says Anne Maria Hansen, member of the Danish National Bioeconomy Panel and Head of Inn...
Feb 25, 2020614+
Dairy top trends: Innova Market Insights spotlights health, pleasure and plant-based alternatives
The influence of Innova Market Insights Top Ten Trends for 2020 is clearly apparent in the dairy category, which is facing key challenges amid changing consumer tastes. Among the notable shifts in purchasing behavior is the increasing demand for plant-based dairy alternatives. Meanwhile, the formulators in this sector are setting their sights on other opportunities for category expansion with novel texture-enhanced offerings and hybrid varieties. The rise of the The Plant Based Revolution trend is motivating traditional dairy producers to branch out. While the challenges presented by the trend are clear, the dairy industry is responding with innovations focusing on other 2020 top trends, including The Right Bite, Macronutrient Makeover, Tapping into Texture and Hello Hybrids, further developing its emphasis on health and pleasure. Sugar reduction is big in dairy, inspiring new solutions involving the use of functional cultures and enzymes. The Right Bite t...
Feb 25, 2020490+
Natural ingredients thrive: Experts discuss R&D challenges and market opportunities
Natural ingredients provide a sustainability-oriented avenue for the nutrition industry and offer a vast scope of human health benefits. With this in mind, industry has been increasingly using natural ingredients to deliver value-added products in response to parallel consumer concerns for human and planetary health. However, as the naturality trend continues to transform the nutrition industry, working with natural ingredients may be easier said than done. NutritionInsight speaks with key players on the origins of natural ingredients' market boom and obstacles in R D. Experts explain how natural ingredients are setting new standards and redefining food and supplement NPD practices. The line between natural and unnatural ingredients can sometimes be fuzzy, says Dr. Benny Antony, Joint Managing Director at Arjuna Natural. A natural ingredient should be a product that is derived from plant, animal or microbial sources, from some amount of physical and basic chemical processe...
Feb 20, 2020582+
Probiotics in green tea: Amorepacific opens research hub to explore lactobacillus potential
South Korean cosmetics conglomerate Amorepacific's R D Center has launched the Green Tea Probiotics Research Center to further study a newly found lactobacillus in Jeju island's organic green tea variety. The move seeks to develop innovative products including the green tea probiotic strain in health, food and cosmetics. Moreover, the company aims to globally expand competitive microorganism research and its related technologies. Amorepacific pegs green tea as the gold standard of anti-aging ingredients due to its wealth of antioxidants. Catechins specifically, a superior antioxidant, can improve skin clarity, texture and elasticity. The most abundant and hard-working catechin in green tea is epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which reduces free radicals on the skin, the damaging particles responsible for fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. By scavenging free radical buildup, EGCG improves the condition of the skin, preserving a glowing, youthful look, the company st...
Feb 20, 20201768+
Soy protein concentrate market projected to grow at 5% Y-o-Y until '29
Soy protein concentrate market sales are estimated to reach the 1.5-million metric tonne-mark in 2019. The global soy protein concentrate market is projected to record a Y-o-Y (year-on-year) growth of about five per cent during the forecast period of 2019 to 2029. This was among the findings of Transparency Market Research's recent report, titled Soy Protein Concentrate Market. Soy protein concentrate plays a vital role in increasing the nutritional value in food and beverage products. The rising demand for additional nutritive ingredients in animals and aquaculture is expected to surge the demand for soy protein concentrate during the forecast period. Moreover, the production of soy protein concentrate is likely to witness substantial growth on account of its application as a flavour enhancer and moisture retainer in processed meat products. However, the arrival of alternatives such as plant-based protein derivatives is expected to affect the soy protein concentrate m...
Feb 20, 2020356+
Import of vegetable oils for Q1 of 2020 34,51,313 tonne; Down by 4.7%
The Solvent Extractors' Association (SEA) of India has compiled the import data of vegetable oils (edible and non-edible) for the month of January 2020. The overall import of vegetable oils during Q1 of 2019-20 (i.e., from November 2019 to January 2020) was reported at 34,51,313 tonne compared to 36,20,316 tonne (i.e., down by 4.7 per cent). The import of vegetable oils during January 2020 was reported at 11,95,812 tonne compared to 12,75,259 tonne in January 2019, consisting of 11,57,123 tonne of edible oils and 38,689 tonne of non-edible oils (i.e., down by six per cent). RBD Palm Oil and RBD Palmolein placed under restricted list Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce and Industry, New Delhi, issued Notification No.39/2015-220 in January 2019, placing the import of RBD Palmolein and Palm Oil under a restricted list to regulate excessive import in to India. The import will now be subjected to licence to be issued by the DGFT. In the meantime, j...
Feb 19, 20201084+
Chr. Hansen navigates possible EU revision on annatto which could "open doors" for new opportunities
A revised regulation of the use of annatto food color, a popular raw material providing warm yellow to reddish orange shades, will be voted on later this month in the EU. If approved, there will be an impact on European F B manufacturers as well as manufacturers with European exports. FoodIngredientsFirst speaks with Chr. Hansen which is aiming to offer solutions if and when the new EU revision on annatto comes into force. We will review all our annatto-based colors to ensure they are compliant with any new regulations, but we don't expect to run into issues with which we cannot comply, says the company. If the regulation is passed, minor changes will be made to several food categories and new labeling will be implemented. As a result, the Danish bioscience company is finding a way to navigate through the regulations and find suitable solutions for its customers. As a leader in annatto, Chr. Hansen already offers annatto-based colors for nearly all suitable applicatio...
Feb 18, 20201686+
Fruit snacks market estimated to be valued at $9 bn by '27, says study
The global fruit snacks market is poised to grow at an impressive CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of over 8.5 per cent, and is estimated to reach a value pool of over $9 billion by the end of the forecast period (2019-2027). Although breakfast foods and energy drinks have gained precedence among the masses, fruit snacks are becoming popular, and their consumption will continue to grow at a steady clip. Health foods are no longer a niche group, as they are starting to incorporate more mainstream food trends. These conditions are transforming the landscape of the food industry to give the fruit snacks market a lucrative base for growth. A pronounced understanding of wellbeing is one of the prevalent trends among top-tier consumers, and one of the main determinants behind healthy food choices and sales of fruit snacks. This is further motivating food companies to utilise locally sourced, functional and natural ingredients for fruit snacks. Key takeaways of fruit snack...
Feb 18, 20201789+
Fruit snacks market estimated to be valued at $9 bn by '27, says study
Arjuna to bring organic BCM-95 turmeric extracts to market
Natural extract manufacturer Arjuna Natural has introduced its certified organic turmeric extracts, which includes the company's flagship product BCM-95 (Curcugreen) - touted for being seven times more bioavailable than standard turmeric and the most researched bioavailable curcumin on the market. Dr. Benny Antony, Joint Managing Director of Arjuna Natural, tells NutritionInsight that due to the current growing awareness on the usage of chemicals and the impact on human health, organic certifications across the supply chain are increasingly sought after. Organic BCM-95 is a response to strong demand from our customers for a popular bioavailable turmeric extract. While organic turmeric extract has been available in the market from few sources, there has been a need for a reputable label to bring out the product. The demand for organic products and trusted sources of turmeric extracts in combination with changing lifestyles and food consumption patterns is driving this demand...
Feb 12, 20201434+
Bayer and Monheim collaborate to advance agri research and development
Bayer and Meiogenix, a biotech company focussed on next-generation breeding technologies, recently collaborated to advance agricultural research and development by accelerating the development of the latter's proprietary technologies related to plant breeding and genome editing applications. This new research collaboration has the potential to deliver much-needed plant health and nutrition improvements to food crops, so farmers can more efficiently and sustainably grow improved plant varieties that deliver the types of foods consumers want. Farmers need innovative solutions as they face limited natural resources and a changing climate, said Jeremy Williams, head, plant biotechnology, crop science research and development (R D), Bayer. Access to Meiogenix's proprietary technologies could improve the precision and speed with which our breeders enhance crops, which could ultimately accelerate those solutions for the diverse needs of people and our planet, he added. Me...
Feb 12, 2020870+
Lutein mkt projected to be valued at $454.8 mn by '26, growing at 6.4%
The global lutein market was calculated to be worth $274.6 million in the year 2018, and is projected to be valued at $454.8 million by the year 2026, delivering a CAGR of 6.4 per cent in that duration. The rising incidences of cataract and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) have influenced the demand for lutein. The fact that lutein is beneficial for the eyes and can protect and maintain healthy cells in the eyes, especially with our ever-increasing exposure to blue light, has led to the increased adoption of lutein supplements, and will subsequently bring to light more growth opportunities. Lutein, an antioxidant carotenoid, is one of the two essential carotenoids that act as colour pigments in the human eye, and also gives the yellow colour to fruits and vegetables. In the eye, it acts as a light filter and prevents the eye tissues against damages caused by sunlight. This article has been designed to encompass all vital aspects of the lutein industry that influe...
Feb 12, 20201217+
Peer pressure: Online social circles influence eating habits, says new research
Social media users are more likely to eat fruit and veg - or snack on junk food - if they think their friends do the same, a new study has found. The research, by Aston University's School of Life and Health Sciences, found that participants ate an extra fifth of a portion of fruit and vegetables themselves for every portion they thought their social media peers ate. Interestingly, if they believed their friends got their five-a-day of fruit and vegetable, they were more likely to consume an extra portion themselves. Conversely, Facebook users were found to consume an extra portion of unhealthy snack foods and sugary drinks for every three portions they believed their online social circles did. The findings suggest that consumers eat around a third more junk food if we think our friends also indulge. Social media: a powerful tool The Aston University researchers said the findings provide the first evidence to suggest our online social circles could be implicitly influencing ea...
Feb 11, 20201495+
Dairy proteins innovation
The use of dairy proteins in food beverage launches declined globally, featuring a -3% year-over-year decrease when comparing 2019 and 2018 launches. In 2019, the top categories of global product launches tracked with dairy proteins were Sports Nutrition (19%), Dairy (18%) and Baby Toddlers (13%), with milk protein being the leading ingredient among the dairy proteins tracked. The top positionings of global product launches tracked with dairy proteins in 2019 were High/Source of Protein (26%), Gluten-Free (16%), No Additives/Preservatives (16%) and Sports Recovery (16%).
Feb 06, 20201701+
Dairy proteins innovation
Classic flavors dominate dairy creamers, reveals study
Classic flavors continue to be popular in dairy creamers, while non-dairy creamers see a wider consumption of novel flavors. This is according to data reported by Comax Flavors, which has released primary research on US consumer behavior and attitudes toward additives in coffee. The examination of flavored syrup, flavored creamer, non-dairy flavored creamer and non-dairy flavored milk additives used with coffee also revealed that pea-based creamers overtakes soy in plant-based creamer consumption. Industry is seeing increased interest in coffee creamers with big players such as Nestle and Coca-Cola rolling out new launches this year. There has been so much activity and flavor innovation in the dairy and non-dairy creamer market. Consumers have a plethora of choices, and we wanted to better understand their preferences, states Catherine Armstrong, Vice President of Corporate Communications for Comax Flavors. The study was fielded in February 2019 with 1,200 respondents ag...
Feb 06, 20201243+
Global pulse flour market size to grow at 10% until 2026, says Fact.MR
Heightened demand for flour variants from the food industry across the globe will give traction to the pulse flour market, making it a hub of profitable growth during the forecast period. Fact.MR, in its newest research report, opined that the global pulse flour market was projected to accelerate at a stupendous CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of over 10 per cent during forecast period (i.e., until 2026), which is double the growth rate of global flour market. Owing to the growing demand for pulse flour for household as well as industrial applications, the market is anticipated to witness robust growth, making the landscape highly competitive. Pulse crops such as lentils, beans, peas and chickpeas are a great source of amino acids and plant-based proteins. They are also being incorporated to increase the health attributes of gluten-free products. On this backdrop, the demand for pulse flour is expected to soar exponentially, and is projected to create an absolute dollar oppo...
Feb 03, 20201294+
Beneo's slow release carb Palatinose supports addl wt loss, finds study
A recently-published scientific study has shown that Beneo's slow release and low glycaemic carbohydrate Palatinose supports additional loss of body weight and fat mass in overweight and obese adults, when replacing sucrose in a weight loss diet. These findings were linked to the advantage of Palatinose in steering the metabolism towards fat burning and highlight that carbohydrate choice matters in a weight loss diet, beyond calorie-counting. The study was carried out by Dr Helen Lightowler and Professor Jeya Henry at Oxford Brookes University's Functional Food Centre in the United Kingdom. The randomised, double-blind, controlled intervention study aimed to evaluate the effects of an energy-reduced diet containing Palatinose on body weight loss, in comparison to sucrose. Over a 12-week period, 50 healthy overweight and obese adults consumed either 40g of Palatinose or sucrose over four meals a day, as part of their energy-reduced diet (in total app...
Feb 03, 20201362+
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